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Learn Arabic as Second Language

Easy, Fun & Engaging  Arabic Sessions for Kids and Teens

Who is This Program For?

We have designed this course to tutor students around the world, especially in countries like the united Arab emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait where Arabic is compulsory for schools. also, the students who study Arabic in Islamic schools in any school around the world.

About The Program

This course is established to help students to learn Arabic by study the basic Arabic, discussing topics and teaching the key fundamentals of the Arabic language.
So we put students through advance training sessions so they can meet up by improving their language skills like writing skills and reading skills. We will also provide them with resources that will help them in schools. Interactive classes will also be made available for students to practice their writing, reading and speaking skills. We highly recommend this classes for students.

Course Outcome

By the end of this course, your child will be able to communicate with ease, accuracy, and fluency Arabic language. read long texts and understand the main idea, facts, and multiple details. Obtain the key skills and knowledge to complete his\her Arabic language study on her\his own.